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Please review the photo section to compare the authenticity of these necklaces. Once you are satisfied, contact me for a free quote on a custom grizzly bear claw necklace.

These grizzly bear claw necklaces are the closest to the real thing that you will find anywhere in the wild.

These necklaces are made by Jack Fairchild.

These original hand-crafted bear claws are made from natural material in the Native American way. They are totally authentic and 100% legal. Mounted on otter fur, sewn with deer sinew with all leather thongs and lacing. This website is the only source for my original artwork.

You might as well have one from the ORIGINAL artist/creator. These necklaces are a great addition to any plains First Peoples costume. They are also great as a wall hanging in your western or Native American style room. These necklaces make a great presentation piece for your most honored individual or retiree.

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